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From Conflict to Connection: an on-line seminar with Linda and Charlie Bloom

All couples have their moments when differences arise that can unsettle even the most loving partnerships and threaten the foundation of those relationships that are unstable, to begin with. Research has shown that it is not necessarily the depth of love shared by two people that is the most influential factor in determining the strength and lasting power of a relationship, but rather the ability of both partners to manage the inevitable differences that are present in varying degrees in all relationships. And yet, most of us enter into relationships with an inadequate understanding of exactly what it requires to become skilled in the art and science (and yes, it is both!) of conflict resolution. If you are serious about enhancing your level of effectiveness, particularly in regard to your closest relationships, this course is for you!
In it you will:
*Learn the key elements of effective conflict management
*Identify your growing edge in regard to the strengths within you that  may be in need of more attention, and how you can fortify them
*Learn how to recognize the warning signs that are alerting you that you and your partner are about to fall into one of those “here we go again” moments, and put in a course correction.
And much more!