Couples Intensives with Linda and Charlie BloomAn intensive is an extended session with Charlie and/or Linda that is designed and personally customized to assist individuals or couples in breaking through impasses and relationship challenges that require in-depth and concentrated attention. Depending upon the situation, an intensive can be scheduled for one or two days. They are particularly effective in dealing with entrenched relational patterns that require more attention and direction than can come from a single counseling session or a weekend workshop. We generally conduct intensives in our home, it is also possible to schedule them in other settings, particularly when we are teaching in your area.

Over the years, we have conducted hundreds of these extended sessions and the response has been consistently positive, with many people telling us that they experienced a permanent shift in their lives as a result of the concentrated time that we spent together and the work that came out of the session. Intensives include a preliminary consultation prior to the actual meeting time as well as a follow-up session afterwards.

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“My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today. I am completely filled with gratitude for all the grace we have received along the way to arriving at this point. When we came for the intensive, Charlie and Linda offered us life jackets at a time when we were drowning, and for that I am profoundly grateful” – Christine