Linda and Charlie teach seminars and workshops together and separately on a wide range of topics dealing with the challenges of becoming a more conscious and loving human being and life partner. Seminars range in length from 3 hours to 7 days and generally have no more than 30 participants.

They are experiential rather than didactic in nature with the focus being more on interactive exercises than lecture. Some of the titles of their seminars are:

  • Love, Sex, and Intimacy
  • The Art of Joyful Living
  • Secrets of Great Relationships
  • From Conflict to Connection
  • Stronger At The Broken Places
  • From Fear to Fearlessness
  • Hidden Gifts of The Shadow
  • Outrageous Aging
  • The Healing Power of Relationships
  • Transitions and Transformations in Trying Times


Both Charlie and Linda offer individual and couple counseling. While some situations require extended or in-depth work, many relationship issues can be resolved in one or two sessions. Sessions often end with recommended practices that are designed to help clients to integrate the teachings more fully into their lives.

“I didn’t think our marriage had a chance when we came to see Linda. I was done, and my husband didn’t believe in therapy because the one time he did go to a therapist was such a bad experience. We are now more in love than ever. Every day we feel so much love and trust. After all these years,we are like newlyweds.” ~ Gayle

Phone and Skype Counseling

We have been providing phone counseling to people across the country and throughout the world for over twenty years. These sessions make it easy and convenient for people everywhere to receive the benefit of immediate assistance without leaving home. We are able to work with couples as well as individuals and even a group of people at different locations. We also make use of SKYPE which enables us to see each other on the computer screen as we speak. SKYPE services are free to all parties anywhere in the world! Call us for details or to set up a call.


An intensive is a service that we offer. It is an extended one-on-one or two-on-two session with Charlie and /or Linda that is designed to assist individuals or couples in breaking thorough impasses and relationship challenges that require in-depth and concentrated attention. Depending upon the situation, an intensive can be scheduled for one or two days. They are particularly effective in dealing with entrenched relational patterns that require more attention and direction than can come from a single counseling sessions or a weekend workshop. We generally conduct intensives in our home, it is also possible to schedule them in other settings, particularly when we are teaching in your area. Over the years, we have conducted hundreds of these extended session and the response has been consistently positive, with many people telling us that they experienced a permanent shift in their lives as a result of the concentrated time that we spent together and the work that came out of the session. Intensives include a preliminary consultation prior to the actual meeting time as well as a follow-up session afterwards.

For more information on intensives, call us at 831-421-9822 or email us:

“My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today. I am completely filled with gratitude for all the grace we have received along the way to arriving at this point. When we came for the intensive, Charlie and Linda offered us life jackets at a time when we were drowning, and for that I am profoundly grateful”~ Christine

Program for Integral Living

The Program for Integral Living is a 9-month program designed to assist participants to develop the personal strengths, qualities, and skills that are necessary for living and working at an optimal level of well being and competence.

The program, which is limited to 20 participants, includes three 3-day training weekends generally held in March, August, and November. Monthly phone consultations with Charlie are also a part of the program, as well as group teleconference calls. Also included in the program are small group support meetings, special guest presenters, and suggested reading, writing and behavioral practices. The program is geared towards the development of traits, qualities, and competencies such as intentionality, commitment, creativity, authenticity, risk-taking, compassion, and skillful service.

“Charlie Bloom’s Coaching Program has been the most unique and rewarding educational experience I’ve ever engaged in. I am much more aware of what it means to be me. I am now able to really trust myself. I feel both peaceful and very much alive.”
– Steve L., PhD, University Vice-President

Organizational Consultations

In addition to working with individuals and couples, Charlie and Linda also offer consulting services to groups, businesses, and organizations that are seeking to bring about greater cooperation, efficiency, trust and support in their operational systems. They have worked with small family businesses, large corporations, and groups of all sizes.

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