Both Charlie and Linda offer individual and couple counseling. While some situations require extended or in-depth work, many relationship issues can be resolved in one or two sessions. Sessions often end with recommended practices that are designed to help clients to integrate the teachings more fully into their lives.

“I didn’t think our marriage had a chance when we came to see Linda. I was done, and my husband didn’t believe in therapy because the one time he did go to a therapist was such a bad experience. We are now more in love than ever. Every day we feel so much love and trust. After all these years,we are like newlyweds.” ~ Gayle

Phone and Zoom Counseling

We have been providing phone counseling to people across the country and throughout the world for over twenty years. These sessions make it easy and convenient for people everywhere to receive the benefit of immediate assistance without leaving home. We are able to work with couples as well as individuals and even a group of people at different locations. We also make use of SKYPE which enables us to see each other on the computer screen as we speak. SKYPE services are free to all parties anywhere in the world! Call us for details or to set up a call.