Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truth from Real Couples about Lasting Love




Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truth from Real Couples about Lasting Love features conversations with 27 couples who have been married an average of 30 years, all of whom have created exemplary relationships.

These couples share the intimate and often surprising details of their experience together, revealing their secrets of lasting love. Each story contains valuable insights into their accumulated wisdom that will enrich any committed partnership.


“With Secrets of Great Marriages, the Bloom’s have captured the essence of true partnership and what it involves. These stories illustrate the essential qualities that are necessary for genuine communion with another person. This book provides compelling evidence that no matter who we are, we can develop the skills to create truly extraordinary relationships.”– Marianne Williamson

“Any couple reading these stories will be inspired, challenged, and guided toward the relationship of their dreams. I highly recommend it to all couples, successful or unsuccessful.” – Harville Hendrix, PHD, author of Getting the Love You Want 

“Reading this incredibly enthusiastic, confident celebration of marriage is a total joy! Every couple is unique. Every story is engaging. The level of candor in which matters both tragically dire and delicately intimate are presented is thrilling. The message — commitment to love supports and sustains through difficulties — resounds throughout.”–Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life